Guess Who’s Back

So I may or not have underestimate how life can get really busy really quickly. I’m sorry for not posting in a while but I will definitely post something for every week I missed. I still remember my promise from months ago about writing one post every week for 2 years. I will keep that promise. Anyway, I’m going to post a lot more often in the next few weeks, just to try to catch up with all that I’ve missed, so keep an eye out for any new posts. I’ll go back to my old schedule soon. Thank you for being so understanding!

I didn’t want to just update you on the situation so here’s a really quick paragraph. I believe that education is priority. Of course it should be, I’m sure you agree. But something I really wish would be acceptable are mental health days. How many times have you felt like you just couldn’t bring yourself to go to school today? Like you’ll go tomorrow but not today? The older you get, the harder school gets and the worse it’ll be if you take a day off. I know my thoughts are possibly impractical and I’d have to explore more about the demands of the education system etc. Yet I still think mental health days are an idea worth considering.

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