Even though we all know that pop music is arguably the most popular genre of music, suprisingsly gets a lot of hate. It’s too boring, they say. They’re all the same, they say. Each song has like one chord repeated the entire time, they say. They’re absolutely right. And that’s why pop is the Most. Varied. Genre.

Rap is defined by fast-paced power verses. Country is defined by dancing tunes played on instruments. Pop music, according to Google, is defined as simply ‘popular music’. That’s it. So when did the transformation occur from being trendy music to what some may say is just music that doesn’t really fit any other genre? I would actually that pop music’s strength is that it really isn’t defined by any particular structure, other than the typical verse, chorus, verse and repeat style. The fact that pop music seems to be so ‘bland’ allows another other genres of music to blend into it, creating a mixture of genres in one song. It’s like the genre doesn’t particularly own anything unique by itself, nevertheless through time, it has become its own particular genre that encompasses pretty much everything else.

On the subject of music, my personal opinion on particular artists and their music is that people are like, ‘this artist has variety’. What I really respect an artist for is showing variety while still maintaining their style. Like if we’re talking about a strong, fierce rap group, then it really shows skill if they manage softer songs while never losing a drop of what make them them. A talented group can take every song they sing and make it so that no one else could sing that song in the same way that they could. There’s a balance between being flexible in style and always having your own. Sometimes it takes time for a group to find their style, sometimes it takes a couple songs before the person listening understands what the group’s vibe is. Other times, the best times, is when everyone can listen to two songs and already know what the group’s overall vibe is. Then again, music is subjective so everyone enjoys different things!

So there’s a lot more I could say about music but for today, that’s it!

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