What makes us Human

This is going to be a short post, so bear with me. This is definitely something that touched my heart, so I hope it touches yours too. I read this story from somewhere else a long time ago and haven’t forgotten it since.

‘ We asked our teacher what was the first sign of civilisation and were expecting something like stone tools or signs of agriculture. We weren’t expecting her answer of ‘A healed femur’. She explained that a broken femur takes weeks of healing and forces someone to lay bed-ridden for that period, so someone else has to take care of them, feed them, nurse them.’

I can’t remember the details of the story but still I remember thinking that the first sign of civilisation was empathy. The first sign of us being different from advanced animals, from nothing more than intelligent beasts, was empathy. People can talk all they want about the ‘inherent nature of humans’ to be this and that but there is inherent good too.

However optimistic this view point is, we were taught to be optimistic as children so why would we stop now?

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