Tick Tock

I haven’t actually read many horror books, or if I have they always ended in your typical, there was a reasonable solution that no one ever saw coming type of ending. One of my goals for this year is to read some more truly scary books, the ones that make me feel like I’ve just watched It.
Tick Tock  

Dust coated every inch, a carpet accumulated throughout years stacked upon years. My gaze wandered over each cuckoo clock, wincing at the grime coating the surface. The scarred wood looked like it was going to fall apart if I so much as breathed.

Tick Tock 

There had to be hundreds crammed in together. Some covered the floor, some hung on walls. The musty scent clogged my nostrils. The faces stared back at me, grim and foreboding.

Tick Tock 

Something was wrong. Something I was missing. Something important. My back hit the door. What couldn’t I see? The world slammed to a stop. I fell to my knees. 

Not a single clock was working. 

A feathery breath brushed my ear. 

Tick Tock

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