Music is literally one of my most favourite things on earth. I swear music makes life a little more bearable. If only I could actually sing! Still, I love writing while listening to music, the words sort of absorbing the atmosphere from the song. It’s one of my favourite ways to gain inspiration.


Sometimes, when the world is louder than ever,
I search for the lullaby songs, the songs that whisper louder than the demons,
I search for the quiet songs, the ones that make my heart slow down,
I search for the waves songs, the gentle tide washing over everything else,
I search for the moon songs, a lonely light to shine in the darkest of nights,
I search for the anchor songs, a reminder to stay steady and move on,

Sometimes, when the world is suddenly silent,
I search for the fire songs,  the spark that lights a flame,
I search for the devil songs, because if I can’t find heaven I’ll raise hell,
I search for the rebel songs, the noise encouraging me to fight,
I search for the loud songs, to make my soul roar like a dragon,
I search for the energy songs, the ones to give me eternal youth,

I search for music to say what I cannot,
I search for music to feel what I cannot,
Music to make me feel alive,

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