Time to mess around with different words. Experiment time. There’s a lot that can be done using colours so I’m probably going to come back to this theme. Comment which one you think is the best!


The colour of ambition is a vibrant green with streaks of sterling silver.
The colour of knowledge is a pretty purple with a dash of molten bronze.
The colour of justice is a burning red with swirls of honey gold.
The colour of patience is a soft yellow with a splash of coal black.


The volcano spit angry red,
The sun glowed the softest orange,
The flowers danced to a golden yellow,
The trees swayed with a vibrant green,
The sea shimmered in shades of blue,
The sky faded to streaks of indigo,


The song began with harsh notes of red, jolting you out of your thoughts. There was passion, and hate. The music slowed to a yellow beat, and you nodded your head, tapped your feet. There was joy, and hope.It turned into a vibrant green, someone was singing with pride. There was youth, and curiosity.The high voice of a flute added streaks of pink, you hummed under your breath. There was love, and kindness. The bass line rung out with a dark blue, the colour of rain. There was a hint of sadness, and life.  The song began to slow into a calm purple, softer notes dancing in the air. There was regality, and wisdom. Finally, the music was silenced, leaving white in its wake. There was innocence, and peace.

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