It’s A Bit Chilly

Happy New Year! May the next year be fantastic for everyone!

The temperature is freezing as usual. I don’t mind the cold weather though because that’s just an excuse to wear warm hoodies and drink hot chocolate all the time. It’s better than the stifling heat anyway. Also, winter is a very pretty season! Snowflakes, frost on the windows, Christmas lights. But the poem below focuses on the relentless cold, although I think it still has a beauty of its own.


Shivering, spindly fingers reach,

Tipped with white frosting,

Bitten nails, cracked wrinkles,

The fire dims,

The wind scents victory and howls,

Boldly rushes forward,

Tightens its tenacious grip,

White pinpricks fall from the sky,

A blanket of snow to suffocate,

The sleeping ground.

The sun sinks below the horizon,

Only embers remain.

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