Chapter 1

Hi! I’m Megha, an avid fan of everything and anything to do with books and writing. I used to be the one child always reading in classrooms and getting told off by the teacher. I used to spend hours scanning the bookshelves and reading everything and anything that appeared before me. I like to fill empty notebooks with pages and pages of random stories I’ll never finish.

That’s the reason I made “A Blank Page” the name of my blog. I always liked blank pages because you could do anything with them. Fill it with words that told stories of characters, magic and life. It’s like you can create anything by scribbling on a piece of paper.

I started this site to try and spread the stuff I write, to see what other people think of it, but I think that I also want to talk about writing and reading and everything else. I don’t have a goal or aim right now, but I do want to show other people things I have written.

Honestly, I’m not sure what readers can expect from my blog since I’m not entirely sure either. But I hope that it will be entertaining, clever and thoughtful. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how it’s not going to go, but that’s where the fun will be. Hope you continue reading! 

Once upon a time

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